During the third year of the undergraduate degree (Stage 3), attention shifts to the application of critical thinking and assessment, novel interpretation, and independent research.

Students become more directly involved with independent question-driven research, especially through preparation of a dissertation (the equivalent of two modules). At this level students are likely to become more closely involved with front-line departmental research projects run by faculty, and begin to develop their own professional network of contacts within academia and/or beyond.

Our core modules at Stage 3 include:

ARP 3009 – The Archaeology of Ancient Greece

ARP 3053 – Society, Death & Disease

ARP 3056 – Archaeology/Palaeoecology Dissertation

ARP 3080 – Volcanoes: Environmental & Societal Impacts

ARP 3085 – Kingship and Religion in the First Millennium AD

ARP 3086 – Human-Environment Dynamics in the Holocene

ARP 3087 – Human Evolution and Innovations through Prehistory

ARP 3088 – Symbolic, Domestic and Funerary Monuments in Prehistoric Europe

ARP 3089 – Critical Thinking in Archaeology and Palaeoecology

ARP 3997 – Additional Year – International Study (UG)

ARP 3998 – Additional Year – International Placement (UG)

ARP 3999 – Additional Year – Placement (UG)