Dissertations are compulsory at Level 3, and count as two modules. Students in joint honours programmes can undertake a dissertation in their second discipline where appropriate.

Undertaking an independent piece of research can be one of the most rewarding academic challenges of an undergraduate degree. It allows students to apply the skills that they have learnt through their studies, and often brings the opportunity to work closely with faculty in front-line research. The possibility of co-authorship on an academic publication can follow from this if the work is of a high enough standard.

The process of selecting a dissertation topic begins at Level 2 and is incorporated into the GAP-2043 module programme. Full details about the Archaeology & Palaeoecology dissertation module that accompanies this work during Level 3 (GAP-3056) can be found here.  Below are some examples of forthcoming dissertation titles.

Current & Forthcoming Titles:

Laura Basell

Rediscovering Early-Middle Stone Age Collections from the Kagera River

What were Giant Bifaces used for? An Experimental Approach

Maarten Blaauw

A peat record of past environmental and ecological changes in north Iceland

Assessing the dating density of published palaeo-records

Statistical analysis of possible impacts of volcanic eruptions on climate

Dirk Brandherm

Early urbanization in Ireland

The Ordnance Survey Memoirs as a source for the study of Bronze Age and Iron Age metalwork deposition practice in Ireland

An experimental study of the impact on lead alloying on the physical properties of Late Bronze Age socketed knives

The image of the heros and the practice of heroization in the Late Bronze Age Mediterranean

The mining history and industrial archaeology of the Lower Segura Valley, South East Spain

A geoarchaeological characterisation and 3D morphometric study of prehistoric mining tools from the Lower Segura Valley, South East Spain

Colm Donnelly


Mark Gardiner

Medieval churches, parishes and prosperity in Co. Antrim and Derry

The portrayal of the coasts of England in early modern navigation aids

Indications of transhumance and upland landuse in the Down Survey

Evidence for medieval causeways in England

Caroline Malone


Finbar McCormick

The recording of Archaeological Monuments in the OS Memoirs

Irish Anglican church layout in County Down in the 18th and 19th centuries

The early decades of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology

Recent Monastic site excavations in Ireland

Early Medieval Grain Drying Kilns

Cormac McSparron


Eileen Murphy


Gill Plunkett

On sabbatical (2016-17)

Ryan Rabett

Changing biodiversity of fauna in a tropical preserved environment (in Northern Vietnam)

• The residue analysis of Da But pottery fragments excavated from Hang Hanh and Hang Moi caves, in Vietnam

Nephrite, Networks and the Southeast Asian Neolithic: A case-study of jade use within the Da But culture of northern Vietnam

Title TBA: The role of freshwater crab in the early Neolithic of Vietnam: A zooarchaeological study