During the first year of an undergraduate degree (Stage 1), students are able to choose from a range of foundation modules.

Through these, students learn how to summarise and communicate information through different media (e.g. through essay writing, presentations, posters). They are introduced to the main debates in Archaeology and Palaeoecology, and the key principles and processes behind many of the methods used in these disciplines. Modules also contain practical, hands-on experience in data collection and opportunities for introductory field excursions.

Our core modules at Stage 1 include:

ARP 1006 – Ancient Humans and Landscapes

ARP 1007 – Environmental Change: Past, Present & Future

ARP 1008 – Europe in Prehistory

ARP 1010 – Themes in Historical Archaeology

ARP 1013 – Introduction to World Archaeology

ARP 1014 – Archaeological Excavation