ARP 3009 – The Archaeology of Ancient Greece

Module Overview

This module introduces students to the archaeology of ancient Greece. It provides students with an experience of Greek landscape, monuments and material culture, facilitating an understanding of the societies with emerged in the region from the prehistoric through Byzantine periods. It consists of a 10-day fieldtrip to Greece followed by related class sessions. The fieldtrip is led by academics from the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens (IIHSA), while class sessions are held at QUB. The classes focus on building skills associated with field-based research, including site recording techniques and approaches, and individual research projects focussing on places visited during the fieldtrip.

Learning outcomes

You will gain a thorough understanding of the sites of ancient Greece in their landscape context and of key periods of Greek prehistory and history. You will learn to analyse archaeological evidence in the field, to record information on sites from first-hand observation, and to communicate effectively about archaeological sites and their contexts both orally and in writing.

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Will Megarry

Other Contributor: Dr Dirk Brandherm

Note: Some modules may not be offered every year

(Image: Parthenon temple, Athens – Wikimedia Commons)