During the second year of the undergraduate degree (Stage 2), students gain more hands-on experience, and assessment focuses on good argumentation and on wider reading.

Students deepen their knowledge of the main debates and methods used in Archaeology and Palaeoecology, and obtain more hands-on experience with current techniques. Students are expected to show evidence for wider reading, for showing how evidence is used to draw conclusions, and generally further develop the foundation for critical thinking.

Our core modules at Stage 2 include:

ARP 2041 – Ireland in Prehistory

ARP 2043 – Thinking Through Things: Theorising Global Archaeology

ARP 2045 – From St Patrick to the Plantation: The Archaeology of Historic Ireland

ARP 2051 – Palaeoenvironmental Techniques

ARP 2057 – Archaeology in Practice

ARP 2058 – Archaeology of Islands