ARP3087 – Human Evolution and Innovations through Prehistory

Module Overview

The module has two interweaving main themes – firstly the appearance of the human kind and the anatomical characteristics of human fossils, secondly an overview of the main human innovations throughout prehistory. Relating to the first theme, students are introduced to the study of fossil human remains and their relation and adaptation to the environment. Practical sessions provide an opportunity for students to learn how to identify each taxon. The second theme focuses on technological innovations developed over the course of prehistory by humankind. The related practical sessions introduce students to the methods of flint knapping and archaeozoological analysis. Seminars provide students with an opportunity to present, analyse, critique and debate scientific papers.

Learning outcomes

You will develop an understanding of some of the most contentious themes in prehistoric archaeology and of how to record and interpret prehistoric archaeological sites. You will also develop an appreciation of human fossil anatomy and of multidisciplinary research, and build the ability to critically evaluate scientific reports and to communicate ideas and arguments clearly to others.

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Melie Le Roy

Note: Some modules may not be offered every year