Global Research

Faculty and researchers are engaged in a range of international projects, many of which actively encourage student participation (see e.g. the sample of recent and current Level 3 dissertations).

At the present time, ArcPal members are working in the following countries, tackling a wide range of topics from: the evolution of our species in Africa, to the effects of insularity, the spread of Bronze Age metalurgy in Europe, or the impact of sea-level change on past and present day communities – to name just a few.



Chronology of lake deposits: Lake Challa, Mount Kilimanjaro (M. Blaauw)


Cultural transformations and environmental transitions in North African prehistory – TRANS-NAP project (R. Rabett; Director: G. Barker – University of Cambridge)



Northeast Algonquin Palaeo-Lake & Environmental Assessment project – NAPLEA (R. Rabett)


Depositional chronology: Lago Chalco, Mexico City (M. Blaauw)


First Irish immigrants in Lowell, Massachusetts (C. Donnelly & E. Murphy)


Russia (Asia)

Biocultural studies of prehistoric populations in Southern Siberia and in Samara (Europe) (E. Murphy)

Tephra deposits in Kamchatka (M. Blaauw; G. Plunkett)


Human Adaptation to Coastal Evolution – SUNDASIA project (R. Rabett, I. Bachtsevanidou Strantzali, T. Kahlert, C. Stimpson)


Atlantic Realm

• Excavation and Palaeoenvironmental Study of Knocknashee Hilltop Enclosure (D. Brandherm; C. McSparron)

• Between a Rock and a Hard Place: context, function and choice of early metalworking tools in Europe’s Atlantic façade (L. Boutoille)


Human lifeways from the end of the Mesolithic to the Viking Age in the area of Limfjord (L. van der Sluis)


Tephrochronology (G. Plunkett)


Northern Icelandic wetland sequences (M. Blaauw)

Malta & Gozo

Fragility and Sustainability in Restricted Island Environments – FRAGSUS project (C. Malone, R. McLaughlin)

Russia (Europe)

Bronze Age and Iron Age populations of the Volga-Don steppe region (J. Loyer)

Biocultural studies of prehistoric populations in Southern Siberia and in Samara (Europe) (E. Murphy)


Application of Scientific Dating Techniques to the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Funerary Record of South-East Spain (D. Brandherm)

• Early mining in the Lower Segura Valley – EMILS project (D. Brandherm)


Biocultural study of the prehistoric population from Kartal, Odessa County (E. Murphy)

(Image: Hang Hanh rockshelter, Trang An World Heritage Site, Vietnam – T. Kahlert)