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Archaeology was established as a department at Queen’s University Belfast in 1948. In 1968, pioneering work in Palaeoecology began at the Nuffield Research Unit, which in 1985 became the Palaeoecology Centre. Today’s Archaeology and Palaeoecology retains the small friendly atmosphere of its past and continues to stand among the UK leaders in these fields.

The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF) was established in 2002, and is leading the way in public involvement in Archaeology; the 14Chrono Centre opened in 2009 through a major £6.2 million investment; and the Department continues to attract substantial research funding for regional, national and international projects totaling more than £5 million in the last five years (2011-2016).

Full details of degrees offered in Archaeology and Palaeoecology through the School of Natural and Built Environment can be found here. Single and Joint honours degrees are available including some unique combinations, such as Joint honours with History or Archaeology with a language, such French, Portuguese or Spanish.

This blogsite offers prospective students further access to information about our facilities, the range of modules taught in-house, and the faculty members who are teaching them; as well as faculty research interests and expertise, and the broader career paths to which they can help students aspire.

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Thursday 7th September (9:30-2:30pm)

Friday 8th September (9:30-2:30pm)

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Student handbooks:

BA (Hons) Archaeology (2016-17)

BSc (Hons) Archaeology & Palaeoecology (2016-17)

MSci (Hons) Archaeology & Palaeoecology (2016-17)


(Official student feedback data collected by HEFCE):

BSc (Hons) Archaeology & Palaeoecology

BA (Hons) Archaeology

BA (Joint Hons) Archaeology & History

BA (Joint Hons) Archaeology & Irish

BA (Hons) Archaeology with French

BA (Hons) Archaeology with Spanish

BA (Hons) Archaeology with Portuguese

BSc (Joint Hons) Archaeology-Palaeoecology & Geography

MSci (Hons) Archaeology

 (Image: Level 1 students logging sections at Killard Point, Co. Down – R. Rabett)