All of our undergraduate programmes offer a module pathway that is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and University Archaeology UK (UAUK). The outcome of the accreditation process highlighted our excellent student support; a strong emphasis on health, safety and welfare; strong links with the Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork, adding value and commercial experience; the joined-up nature of the Archaeological Excavation and Archaeology in Practice modules; and a very strong sense of community, embedded within the sector and leading to good knowledge of professional structures outside academia.

Our accredited pathway comprises the following modules:

  • ARP1014 Archaeological Excavation (students transferring from a joint honours to a single honours programme at the end of Stage 1 may alternatively take ARP2039 [not otherwise available])

Students taking all of the above modules qualify for free student membership of CIfA, the principal professional body for archaeologists working in the UK, regardless of their degree programme (BA, BSc, MSci, Single or Joint Honours). Student members have access to CIfA’s e-learning resources and specialist professional networks through its Special Interest groups, and will receive The Archaeologist magazine and Jobs Information Service bulletins. They will automatically be members of the CIfA New Generation special interest group, aimed at early career archaeologists, as well as the Professional Pathways mailing list.

Graduates from the accredited module pathway may keep their student membership for up to a year following graduation. Subsequently, if they wish to remain a member of CIfA, their membership will change to Affiliate, or they can apply to join CIfA at Practitioner level.

In addition, students enrolled on any of ArcPal’s Single Honours BA, BSc and MSci programmes also qualify for free student membership with the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland (IAI), the principal professional body for archaeologists working in the island of Ireland. Graduating students who wish to remain a member of the Institute can apply to join IAI at Graduate level.

(Image: Level 1 students logging sections at Killard Point, Co. Down – R. Rabett)