Dr Gill Plunkett

Gill Plunkett

As an archaeologist and palaeoecologist, Gill’s research focuses on understanding the relationships between humans and their environment in the past, using pollen analysis, tephrochronology and plant macrofossils.

Her work has included examining the timing and causes of past climate change, specifically solar and volcanic forcing, and whether or not these changes impacted on contemporary societies.

A major theme in Gill’s research has been the reconstruction, using pollen analysis, of land-use and human activity particularly in prehistoric Ireland, providing a long-term perspective with which to contextualise the wider archaeological record and periods of cultural transition.

Her tephrochronological research includes the identification of volcanic ash in ice cores, lakes and peatlands from Ireland, Greenland, North America and Kamchatka to examine the timing and impact of volcanic eruptions in the later post-glacial period.

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Email: G.Plunkett@qub.ac.uk