Dr Eileen Murphy


On sabbatical 2017-18

Eileen is a bioarchaeologist and has undertaken numerous biocultural studies of prehistoric Russian human remains and Irish populations of all periods.

She is currently involved in a variety of projects including one exploring cranial trauma in Eneolithic Russia and another on maternal death in medieval Ireland. She is also involved in an aDNA and palaeopathological study of leprosy in medieval Ireland.

She was a member of the Ballyhanna Research Project and is currently in the process of completing a second book on the biocultural analysis of this substantial population (with Catriona McKenzie). Her research also extends into mortuary practice, particularly in relation to the burial of children as well as atypical burial practices. 

She has undertaken extensive research on cillíní (children’s burial grounds), unconsecrated burial grounds reserved largely for the burial of unbaptised infants, and is the co-editor (with Melie Le Roy) of a forthcoming volume entitled: Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses (2017).

Eileen is also a member of the Irish-American Heritage Archaeological Project, where her role has involved a study of the grave memorials of the first Irish settlers in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Further details

Email: eileen.murphy@qub.ac.uk