Dr Finbar McCormick

Finbar McCormick

Finbar’s main area of study continues to be settlement and economy in Early Medieval Ireland. His new discoveries since 2000 have led to a fundamental change of our  understanding of many aspects of this period.

In addition, he is currently researching a range of diverse subjects. One of these concerns the origins of the curious rituals associated with holy-wells in Ireland.  While the worship at holy wells can be traces back to Pagan times it is more likely that the origins of the “rounding” is most likely to have its origins in the liturgy of the pre-Tridentine mass. On a related subject he is looking at Presbyterian influence on the design of 18th and early 19th century Roman Catholic church design in Ireland.

Other current research topics include the study of animals bones found at the Neolithic temples of Malta and how they reflect the economic lives of people living in a very marginal environment.


Zooarchaeology • Early Medieval Ireland

Current Research

Early Medieval Archaeological Project (EMAP) • Celtic Crannogs Project (CCP)

Career Network

Commercial archaeology • Open-air museums • Academic publishing • European research organizations

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Email: f.mccormick@qub.ac.uk