Patrick Gleeson

Patrick Gleeson is a archaeologist interested in the later prehistoric and medieval archaeology of Europe. His current research focus is the archaeloghy of cult, rulership, kingdoms and governance in the first millennium AD of northern Europe, and he is particularly interested in the use of large scale remote sensing, G.I.S. and the application of new and novel methodologies at a landscape scale in these areas.He currently has ongoing field projects examing later prehistoric and early medieval cult landscapes, power centres, and royal landscapes in Ireland and Scotland, including Kedrah Fort, Lagore Crannog, Navan Fort, the Rock of Cashel and Knockainy. 

He is interested in supervising PhD research and supporting postdoctoral projects in any aspect of cult, kingship and religion, or landscape archaeology in late prehistoric and medieval Europe.


1st Millennium AD of Northern Europe • GIS • Landscape Archaeology • Late Prehistoric and Medieval Europe

Current Research

Comparative Kingship: the early medieval kingdoms of northern Britain and Ireland (Leverhulme Trust funded, in collaboration with University of Aberdeen)

Life, death, and environment at Lagore Crannog: a major royal residence in Northern Europe (British Academy funded, in collaboration with University of Aberdeen)

Waves of Colonisation and the Sea of Moyle: linking population, resilience and landscape change of Island Communities (AHRC funded, in collaboration with University of Southampton and University of Newcastle)

Remote sensing Navan Fort and Environs (in collaboration with James O’Driscoll, University of Aberdeen and Ruth Beusing, RGK, German Archaeological Institute)

Defining the Rock of Cashel Project (funded by RIA, Heritage Council, OPW and DOEHLG)

Knockainy: the Iconography of a Regia (funded by the Irish Research Council (through The Óenach Project) and RIA)

Kedrah Fort: a late prehistoric cult centre and its environs

Career Network

Leverhulme Trust • University of Aberdeen • German Archaeological Institute • University of Newcastle • Southampton University • AHRC • Royal Irish Academy • British Academy