Mr Ron Reimer

Research Fellow

Current Research

Understanding variability of radiocarbon in Earth’s atmosphere and oceans


Numerical modelling

Publication sample (up to 2020)

Reimer, R. & Reimer, P. J., 2017, An Online Application for ΔR Calculation, Radiocarbon Journal. 5 p.

Freeman, E., Skinner, L. C., Reimer, R., Scrivner, A. & Fallon, S., 2016, Graphitization of Small Carbonate Samples for Paleoceanographic Research at the Godwin Radiocarbon Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Radiocarbon, 58, 1, p. 89-97 9 p.

Turney, C. S. M., Jones, R. T., Fogwell, C., Hatton, J., Williams, A. N., Hogg, A., Thomas, Z. A., Palmer, J., Mooney, S. & Reimer, R. W., 03 Feb 2016, A 250-year periodicity in Southern Hemisphere westerly winds over the last 2600 years, Climate of the Past 12, 2, p. 189-200 12 p.

Olsen, J., Reimer, R. & Reimer, P., 2013, 14C small background correction and 14C background level of foraminifera (Faroe-Shetland channel, North Atlantic Ocean), Radiocarbon.

Reimer, P. J., Bard, E., Bayliss, A., Beck, J. W., Blackwell, P. G., Bronk Ramsey, C., Buck, C. E., Cheng, H., Edwards, R. L., Friedrich, M., Grootes, P. M., Guilderson, T. P., Haflidason, H., Hajdas, I., Hatté, C., Heaton, T. J., Hoffmann, D. L., Hogg, A. G., Hughen, K. A., Kaiser, K. F., Kromer, B., Manning, S. W., Niu, M., Reimer, R. W., Richards, D. A., Scott, E. M., Southon, J. R., Staff, R. A., Turney, C. S. M. & van der Plicht, J., 2013, IntCal13 and Marine13 Radiocarbon Age Calibration Curves 0-50,000 Years Cal BP, Radiocarbon. 55, 4, p. 1869-1887 19 p.

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