Mélie Le Roy


Melie Le Roy is a specialist in physical anthropology with particular interest in the study of funerary practices related to children.

She is also a field archaeologist and is currently leading two projects in the South of France, involving the excavation of a cave and a dolmen, both of which date to the Late Neolithic. Her research extends beyond France and she is a member of an international team excavating a Roman necropolis in Egypt. She joined ArcPal on 1st August 2017 to take up a one-year lecturing post.

Melie graduated at the University of Bordeaux in France, her PhD (awarded in 2015) concerned social consideration to children through the study of funerary practices in Neolithic France – a project that involved applying GIS techniques to funerary sites to enable a deeper understanding to be gained in relation to burial practices at both site and regional levels. As a full-time lecturer, Melie will teach Prehistory and Funerary Archaeology at Queen’s and also supervise undergraduate students in osteoarchaeology.


Human osteoarchaeology • Physical Anthropology • Funerary practices • Archaeology of childhood

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Email: Melie.LeRoy@qub.ac.uk

(Image: Kom Abou Billou, Egypt – M. Le Roy)