Marie-Therese Barrett

PhD Title:

Drumclay crannog: a tree-ring-dated narrative for Irish settlement

Research Field:

The main aim of my research is to construct an annual chronology for the construction, occupation and development of Drumclay crannog, Co. Fermanagh, in order to contextualise Medieval settlement in Ireland. This study aims to scrutinise life in Early Medieval and Medieval Ireland at an annual resolution, relevant to the lifetimes of the many generations that dwelled there.

This research proposes to revolutionise our understanding of Irish Medieval settlement, by constructing the first annually-resolved narrative for occupation on a crannog through the 9-17th centuries. The production of an alter tree-ring chronology from structural timbers will reveal the construction rate and development of Drumclay crannog, and its archaeological archive will be scrutinised at a resolution relevant to the occupants of the site. In particular, their adaptive strategies to socio-political, economic and environmental change will be considered. This research will provide a continuous framework with which to reassess the wider settlement record for this period.

Funding Body:

Department for the Economy (DfE)