Gill Allmond


PhD title:

The Colony Asylum in Scotland, Ireland and Germany 1880-1914: An Archaeology of Degenerationism

Research field:

The colony asylum in Edwardian Ireland and Scotland differed from English asylums in providing the majority of patient accommodation in a series of villas, categorised for acute, observation and chronic or convalescent cases. Colony asylums first became widespread in Germany and German examples became the inspiration for similar institutions built in Ireland and Scotland.  My research explores late-nineteenth-century degenerationism with its focus on anti-urbanism, sanitarianism and racialised class distinctions and connects these ideas with the production of hygienic, bourgeois, rural/suburban environments in the colony asylum. My particular interest is buildings, their architecture, internal layouts, decoration and furnishings.

Funding body:

Department for Employment and Learning (DEL)