Gary Reid

“Doing the MSci allowed me to make my CV relevant to the skills and abilities that archaeological companies are looking for when they are looking for staff. I still had a lot to learn to become a good archaeologist but the skills I picked up doing the MSci gave me an excellent platform to build on.

“On completing the MSci in Professional Archaeology I spent a brief time working for an engineering firm before getting a job working for Irish Archaeological Consultancy on road work schemes in County Antrim on Early Christian sites and Bronze Age sites, I had the joy of excavating a  stone built souterrain on the Early Christian site. Soon after, bouyed on by the desire to dig up some Roman stuff, I got work with Northern Archaeological Associates in North Yorkshire on another roadworks scheme on my first Roman site. The site was awash with fine Roman and Romano-British material and the archaeology was fantastic.

“Since my first job in England I’ve been working the circuit, which isn’t for everyone but I have really enjoyed it, I’ve worked in every corner of England working for Northern Archaeological Associates, Canterbury Archaeological Trust, West Yorkshire Archaeological Services and Pre-Construct Archaeology. I have worked on all sorts of sites from neolithic settlements to Victorian sites and everything in between. It has been a blast.”