ARP 1001 – Ancient Humans & Landscapes

2018 Module Guide Transferable Skills

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Andrew Shuttleworth


Neanderthal Behaviour Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Europe  Colonisation and Dispersal of Hominins  Behavioural Modernity  Palaeolithic of Arabia  Neanderthal Physiology  Biological Anthropology  

Current Research

Investigating hominin dispersals into the Arabian Peninsula  Aggressive Behaviour in Hominins  New Pedagogical approaches to Prehistoric Archaeology

Career Network

 UK & International Heritage Institutions • UK Higher Education • Higher Education Academy (HEA)  Society of American Archaeology

Principal Contributor: Dr Laura Basell


Stone Age Africa  Lower to Upper Palaeolithic Europe  Colonisation of Britain Lithic Analysis Geoarchaeology  Rock Art  Archaeological Practice  Geoarchaeology  Geochronology

Current Research

Life, Evolution and Palaeoecology at the source of the Nile: LEAP Nile  Palaeolithic of Southern Britain through several different projects

Career Network

UK government Contract archaeology Oil & gas companies Heritage institutions (museums and research institutes) in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya/East African NGOs Cultural management Academic Publishing

Contributors: Dr Maarten Blaauw, Dr Christopher Stimpson


Several PhD student demonstrators with expertise in archaeological practice will aid in the teaching of several practical and seminar sessions on this module

(Image: Benderg Bay, County Down, Northern Ireland – R. Rabett)