Eóin Parkinson

“I found studying Archaeology at Queen’s extremely rewarding, due to the lively atmosphere of the department, its friendly staff and the vast range of topics to study.

“I chose to study Archaeology at Queen’s because of the vast range of modules on offer, in particular those which emphasise prehistoric Europe, archaeological science and mortuary archaeology. The chance to go on field trips as a part of our modules allowed me to engage with archaeology first hand. During my time at Queen’s I was encouraged to take part in the Erasmus exchange programme, where I studied for a year at the University of Malta as Erasmus scholar. With support from the Archaeology department I found this experience incredibly worthwhile, allowing me to make friends from around the world whilst also experiencing world cultures.

“With such a wide range of topics to study, and the expertise of staff within the department, my experience at Queen’s prepared me with a vast range of skills that have allowed me to exceed at post-graduate level study. After my degree I completed my MSc in Osteoarchaeology at The University of Sheffield before returning to Queen’s as a post-graduate research assistant on FRAGSUS, one of the department’s major research projects, where I was given further opportunities to travel and develop new skills in a professional working environment. I am currently undertaking a PhD on the funerary archaeology of prehistoric Malta at the University of Cambridge, funded by an AHRC scholarship.”