Dr Lisa Coyle McClung

Post-Doctoral researcher


Current Research

Vegetation history and land-use in late and post-medieval Ireland

Administrative duties

Co-ordinator for the MET Office Northern Ireland Airborne Pollen Monitoring team

Curator of the map library


Palynology, tephrochronology, palaeoecology, chronology, prehistoric archaeology, cultural evolution, human activities.   

Publications (up to 2020)

Coyle McClung, L and Plunkett, G (2020) Cultural change and the climate record in final prehistoric and early medieval Ireland. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 120C, 1-30. doi.org/10.3318:/PRIAC.2020.120.04.

Carey, C., White, H., Macphail, R., Scaife, R., Coyle McClung, L. and Macleod, A. (2020) Analysis of prehistoric brown earth paleosoils under the podzol soils of Exmoor, UK. Geoarchaeology, 1-28. DOI: 10.1002/gea.21789.

McLaughlin, R., Hannah, E. and Coyle McClung, L (2018) Frequency Analyses of Historical and Archaeological Datasets Reveal the Same Pattern of Declining Sociocultural Activity in 9thto 10thCentury CE Ireland. Cliodynamics: The Journal of Quantitative History and Cultural Evolution 9 (1), 1-24, DOI: 10.21237/C7clio9136654

Plunkett, G., Pilcher, J., Baillie, M., McClung, L.C., Jensen, B. (2017) Obituary – Emerita Professor Valerie Anne Hall BSc PhD FSA FHEA (1946–2016), Quaternary Geochronology 40, 8-11.

Coyle, L. (2014) ‘The excavation of two early medieval ditches at Tullykevin, County Down. Pollen report into the excavation of Haw Hill, County Down. Ulster Journal of Archaeology 72, 70–89.

Coyle McClung, L. (2013) The Late Iron Age Lull – not so Late Iron Age after all! Emania 21, 73–83.

Davies, S.M., Larsen, G., Wastegård, S., Turney, C.S.M., Hall, V.A., Coyle, L. and Thordarson, T. (2010) Widespread dispersal of Icelandic tephra: How does the Eyjafjöll eruption of 2010 compare to past Icelandic events? Journal of Quaternary Science 25, 605–611.