ARP4520 – Advanced Excavation

Module Overview

This module equips students with an advanced level of fieldwork competency in archaeology, beyond the basic recognition and recording of archaeological features. Students taking this module are placed in a leadership role, managing a small team in a practical fieldwork context, to equip them with crucial skills in field project management and team supervision. Participation in a four-week excavation of an archaeological site, taking place outside the lecture period, normally in June, is an integral part of this module.

Learning outcomes

You will learn how to formulate a site-specific fieldwork strategy, demonstrating an understanding of the processes involved in planning and conducting an archaeological field project. You will also develop your ability critically to reflect on the methodology chosen to put such a strategy into practice, and you will learn how to generate a report that interprets and summarises excavation data and reflects on own management and supervision performance.

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Colm Donnelly

Other Contributors: CAF Staff

Note: Some modules may not be offered every year