ARP 1006 – Ancient Humans & Landscapes

Transferable Skills

Module Overview:

This module introduces students to the long‐view of humanity and the planet on which we live. It introduces students to the timeframes and changing environments of our planet, the evolution and dispersal of ancient humans out of Africa, the appearance of our own species (Homo sapiens) and highlights our impact on Earth’s contemporary climate and environments.

The Module utilises lectures and practical sessions to communicate the basics of the archaeology of human evolution, the fundamentals of palaeoecological processes, and introduces students to the practical skills of archaeology.

The Module is assessed through a mixture of class tests, a written essay assignment, and the completion of portfolio reflecting the work and research undertaken during the modules practical sessions

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Andrew Shuttleworth

Principal Contributor: Dr Laura Basell

Other Contributors: Dr Maarten Blaauw


Several PhD student demonstrators with expertise in archaeological practice will aid in the teaching of several practical and seminar sessions on this module

(Image: Benderg Bay, County Down, Northern Ireland – R. Rabett)