ARP 4507: Applied Project

Module Overview

The Applied Project allows individual students to work on an area of archaeological or palaeoecological research which interests them, by critical analysis of a particular problem. The module enables students to conduct a line of independent research, for example in the field of cultural heritage or GIS, and thus contribute to knowledge in the chosen discipline. The project often involves collecting and analysing primary data. Normally, the material studied has either never been published or the student brings analytical techniques to bear on it which have not been used before. By undertaking the Applied Project, students consolidate analytical and critical skills developed during the degree programme, whilst expaning their knowledge of “how” research is done.

Learning outcomes

You will develop an in-depth understanding of a specific area within the disciplines of archaeology or palaeoecology and an understanding of the development of archaeological thought or palaeoecological debate through reading specialist literature on a topic. You will also acquire new critical or organisational skills and an understanding of the context of a piece of research in relation to other information on the area or period concerned.


Module Co-ordinator: Dr Ryan Rabett

Other Contributors: ArcPal Staff

Note: Some modules may not be offered every year