ARP 1010 – Themes in Historical Archaeology

Module Overview

This module examines major themes in historical archaeology in a global context. It introduces students to the ways in which material evidence is used to understand societies of the historic period, from the birth of Christ to the present day. It examines the use of historical sources in the study of the past, archaeological approaches to myth, religion, the growth and collapse of empires, archaeologies of conflict, warfare and propaganda. The module thus provides a background to understanding the major developments and debates in historical archaeology in recent decades.

Learning outcomes

You will gain an understanding of current debates in historical archaeology worldwide and of how historical paradigms can be challenged through the use of material evidence, based on the  physical remains from historical periods.

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Patrick Gleeson

Note: Some modules may not be offered every year

(Image: Investigating the archaeology of the North Atlantic realm – M. Gardiner)