ARP 1007 – Environmental Change: Past, Present & Future

Transferable Skills

Module Overview

This module provides an introduction to the principles and techniques used to reconstruct past environments and detect environmental change. The underlying theories and ecological principles that enable the interpretation of information from ancient deposits are described. The principal dating methods and their limitations are discussed and case studies are used to show how some techniques have been applied to build up a picture of how and why the environment has changed over the past 2.6 million years.

The module expands on the understanding of past environmental variability to anticipate or forecast possible variations in the future; identifying the causes and mechanisms of climate change and the impact of human activity.

ARP1007 is delivered through a series of one-hour lectures and 90 minute practical classes on alternative weeks. Module Assessment includes a class test, a written essay, and the assessment of work undertaken within the practical sessions.

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Maarten Blaauw

 (Image: Northern Iceland, nr Saudarkrokur – M. Blaauw)