Andy Shuttleworth


Andy Shuttleworth is a specialist in Neanderthal behavioural ecology, with a particular interest in Neanderthal adaptations and responses to changing physical and social environments.

He is also a researcher in hominin, and modern human, dispersals; with a particular research emphasis on human dispersals into, and within, the Arabian Peninsula. He has conducted fieldwork throughout the Middle East; including Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq.

Andy was awarded his PhD in 2013 from the University of Liverpool. His thesis undertook an anthropological approach to researching and understanding Neanderthal social behaviours throughout the Middle Palaeolithic, and the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Transition, to gain a further understanding on the adaptations of Neanderthals and Modern Humans to high latitude environments.

Andy is a full-time lecturer, and is module co-ordinator for ARP 1006 and ARP 3082. He is also a contributing lecturer to ARP 1007 and ARP 1013.


Neanderthal Behaviour • Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Europe • Colonisation and Dispersal of Hominins • Behavioural Modernity • Palaeolithic of Arabia • Neanderthal Physiology • Biological Anthropology • 

Current research:

Investigating hominin dispersals into the Arabian Peninsula • Aggressive Behaviour in Hominins • New Pedagogical approaches to Prehistoric Archaeology

Career network:

UK & International Heritage Institutions • UK Higher Education • Higher Education Academy (HEA) • Society of American Archaeology